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DIMENSIONS: Dimensions are subject to change and should not be used for construction purposes unless certified, All dimensions are in inches unless otherwise noted.

SIMPLEX AND DUPLEX UNITS: While the dimension drawing on this page shows a duplex unit in a basin, the data on the drawing applies to simplex and duplex units.

INLETS: Basins can be furnished with any number of inlets, of the styles shown on this page in sizes 2 inches thru 8 inches. The inlet depth is determined by job conditions such as distance from farthest fixture and pipe pitch. Indicate size, style and depth of inlet in the boxes provided on the drawing, when releasing the basin for fabrication. Unless otherwise requested, the inlet centerline is directly below the centerline of the manhole.

COVERS: All basin covers are steel. Covers for cast iron and fiberglass basins are bolted onto the top flange of the basin. Covers for steel basins are welded onto the basin shell and therefore, there is no top flange. Basin covers have required openings for pumps and controls plus a vent connection and a manhole (with a cast iron manhole cover). The standard vent connection for a sump pit or basin cover is a 2 inch screwed connection. If local code requires a large vent connection, it must be so specified when the unit is ordered. Covers are furnished with bolts and gasketing for gastite field assembly on the basin. Pumps are furnished with bolts and gasketing for gastite field assembly on the cover.

SECTIONAL BASINS: Standard steel and fiberglass basins are built in one section. Multi-section basins are furnished only when specified. Standard cast iron basins are built in one, two, three or more sections, depending on the basin depth. The intermediate flanges of multi-section basins have the same outside diameter and bolt hole dimensions as the top flange on which the cover is mounted. Bolts and gasketing are furnished for field assembly of the sections.

SQUARE BASINS: Square and rectangular basins are available in steel construction only. Cast Iron and fiberglass basins are not available in these shapes.

SIZING THE BASIN: In most cases the basin diameter can be the minimum shown in the table on this page, and the depth should be sufficient to allow three feet below the inlet connection. lf job conditions require a shallower basin, increase the diameter. The pumping cycle can be determined from the volume of water between the inlet connection and a line one foot above the bottom of the basin.

CONCRETE PIT: VSP pumps can be furnished with cover plates and grouting frames for concrete sump pits. (see duplex cover layouts)

STEEL BASINS: VSP sump pumps can be furnished with basins of heavy welded steel construction. The dimension drawing and inlet connections drawing also apply to steel basins, except for the A dimension (top basin flange).

cad - smp-vsp-specifications_85a.gif

Dimensions Table

B Approx. Gals. A CNo.  Bolt Circle
Basin Inside Dia.Per Ft. Of DepthCover Dia.Approx.Of TappingsBolt SizeDiameter

Recommended Minimum Pit & Basin Sizes

Pump ModelRound Square 
VSP-2A30 inch dia.36 inch dia.24 x 24 inches36 x 36 inches
VSP-2C and 3C30 inch dia.42 inch dia.30 x 30 inches36 x 36 inches
VSP-3F and 4F30 inch dia.42 inch dia.30 x 30 inches36 x 36 inches
VSP-3K and 4K30 inch dia.42 inch dia.30 x 30 inches42 x 42 inches
VSP-3L and 4L36 inch dia.48 inch dia.36 x 36 inches48 x 48 inches



The following control arrangements are available:

FS-1 (for single unit) - one float switch for start-stop control.

FS-2 (for duplex unit) - two float switches for start-stop control. The switches can be manually set to change the lead pump. Both pumps will operate if the in-flow rate requires.

FS-3 (for duplex unit) - one altemating float switch which operates the two pumps on an alternating basis and turns on both pumps simultaneously if the in-flow rate requires.

FS-4 (for duplex unit) - one altemating float switch (as described immediately above) plus two-pole emergency auxiliary float switch which will tum on both pumps at a predetermined high water level if the alternating float switch fails to operate for some reason.

FS-5 (for single or duplex unit) - a compression tube type high water alarm actuating switch with integral alarm horn. Can also provide signal for remote alarm indication. Alarm panel with bell, indicating light and silencing button is also available.

FS-6 (for single or duplex unit) - one float switch to act as a high water alarm actuator instead of the compression tube type described immediately above.

cad - smp-vsp-engineering_85a.gif

cad - smp-vsp-engineering_85b.gif

cad - smp-vsp-engineering_85c.gif

cad - smp-vsp-engineering_83a.gif