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MOTOR:Standard NEMA frame sizes. Ball bearings are factory sealed and do not require field lubrication. Drip-proof motors are standard. Totally enclosed and explosion-proof motors also available. Single phase (115/230V.) motors have built-in thermal overload protection. Three phase (208-230/460v.) motors should be provided with magnetic starters.

FLOAT SWITCH: Double break type in steel enclosure, actuated by copper float with brass rod and stops.

COUPLING: Single-piece type with adjustable set screws.

HANGAR PIPE: Rigid steel pipe support insures accurate alignment.

SUSPENSION PLATE: 14" Diameter steel suspension plate is standard on Fig. 3 units. Split type cast iron adjusting collar is available for field adjustment of length of pump extension below suspension plate.

DISCHARGE PIPE: Included on Fig. 3 units only. Discharge size is 1.5".

STAINLESS STEEL SHAFT: Diameter sized to operate at maximum speed with minimum vibration and deflection.

BEARINGS: Bronze guide bearings at pump casing and at intervals along shaft to prevent radial deflection. Intermediate bearings are grease lubricated. Lower bearing is self-lubricating and suitable for pumping hot or cold water.

IMPELLER: Single-piece bronze impeller, machined and balanced; held firmly by key and lock nut. Open, non-clog type.

CASING: Cast iron, with 1.5" discharge opening.

STRAINER: Strainers on Fig. 1 units are perforated brass, forming part of the pump stand. Strainers on Fig. 3 units are large area cast iron, fastened to bottom of casing.

COVERS AND BASINS: Steel covers are available for round, square, or rectangular pits and can be furnished with grouting frames if desired. Fiberglass or steel basins of all diameters and depths are also available. Covers are fabricated to suit Fig. 3 pump suspension plates and include vent connection and manhole. Basin inlet size and location are determined by job conditions.

MATERIALS OF CONSTRUCTION: Standard pumps are of bronze fitted construction. All-iron, or all-bronze pumps are also available.

SINGLE AND DUPLEX UNITS: Figure 3 pumps are available as single or duplex units.

Single unit includes one pump and motor, one float switch, one magnetic starter (if required), and one pit cover or basin.

Duplex unit includes two pumps and motors, two float switches,* two magnetic starters (if required), and one pit cover or basin.

*One alternating float switch can be furnished on duplex units, instead of the two standard float switches, to alternate the operation of the two pumps, and to provide two-pump simultaneous operation if one pump cannot handle the in-flow.


  • Motors are fully submersible
  • Semi-open bronze impeller
  • Close-coupled design for perfect alignment
  • Indoor and outdoor installations
  • Easy installation and removal
  • For effluent, and industrial waste water
  • Control systems available
  • Receiving tanks available