IMPELLER: Cast iron, enclosed, non-clog, design. No edges or corners to trap solids. Dynamically and hyraulically balanced. Renewable bronze wearing ring minimizes slippage, wear and seizing.

CASING: Close-grained cast iron, streamlined with internal passages designed to effect smooth flow.

SHAFT: Large diameter, stainless steel construction, turned, ground and polished. Impeller is secured to shaft bystainless steel key and bronze impeller nut and washer.

STUFFING BOX: Extra deep stuffing box with generous number of packing rings. Adjustable bronze gland, with studs and nuts.

BEARINGS: Bronze sleeve type radial bearing, and ball thrust bearing are both mounted in cast iron combination bearing housing and motor pedestal. Tongue-in-groove construction insures perfect alignment. Bearings are grease lubricated.

COUPLING: Flexible type, precision-machined construction, held by key and set screws. Eliminates wear on metal jaws. Load transmitted by cushion compression.

BASE: Heavy close-grained cast iron base support; has integral flanged suction ell, and easily removable large clean-out plug.

CONTROLS: Motors should be provided with magnetic starters for thermal overload and low voltage protection. Pilot control devices for the wet well are available in any of the following types; float switches, electrodes, bubblers, diaphragm switches, and FEDERAL SUBMERS-A-BULB.

ACCESSORIES AND MODIFICATIONS: The following accessory items are available for use with VSABM sewage pumps: Steel or cast iron covers for wet well, small sump pumps for dry pit drainage, dehumidifiers and blowers for dry pit ventilation, high water alarms, alternators, special materials of construction for pumps, special enclosures for motors and controls, control panels, etc.


  • Non-Clog
  • Centrifugal Design
  • Minimum Floor Space
  • Sewage and Industrial Wastes