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MOTOR: Fully submersible motor in cast iron housing with stainless steel shaft. Units operate at 1750 RPM. Single phase motors are available for 115V or 230V operation. (115V only for 1/4 HP units) and have built-in overload protection. Three phase motors are available for 1/3 HP and 1/2 HP units, rated for 230V operation and should be provided with magnetic starters.

PUMP: Close-coupled design with impeller locked firmly to the motor shaft. All units have cast iron pump volutes. Impellers are plastic for 1/4 HP and 1/3 HP units and cast iron for 1/2 HP units. Some units are available in all-bronze construction.

POWER CORD: Fully sealed waterproof power cord is furnished on all single phase units. The standard cord length is 10-ft. for 1/4 HP units and 20-ft. for 1/3 HP and 1/2 HP units. Longer power cords are available if required.

FLOAT SWITCH: Automatic operation of the single phase pumps is provided by an integral submersible float switch. For all three phase units and for single phase units where non-standard float travel is required, the float switch is furnished in a separate submersible housing for mounting on the discharge pipe of the pump.

APPLICATION: Type P submersible sump pumps are ideally suited for a variety of applications including elevator pits, home and industrial building sumps, loading dock areas and effluent pits. Standard-fitted construction is suitable for most applications.

ACCESSORIES: A variety of accessories are available for Type P submersible sump pumps including magnetic starters, control panels, long-travel float switches, sump basins (cast iron or steel or fiberglass), pit covers and grouting frames for concrete pits and high water alarms. Type P pumps can also be controlled by the Federal Type SBS Submers-a-bulb controllers.


  • Motors are fully submersible
  • Close-coupled design for perfect alignment
  • Easy installation and removal
  • Automatic operation of single phase units
  • Ideal for elevator pits