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MOTOR: Nationally known manufacturer. Single phase motors in fractional horsepower frame sizes have built-in overload protection. Other motors should be protected by magnetic starters.

FLEXIBLE COUPLING: Machined and balanced.

THRUST BEARING: Ball bearing mounted above suspension plate in dust-proof and moisture-proof housing.

ADJUSTING NUTS: Two bronze lock nuts for accurate vertical adjustment of impeller clearance.

SUSPENSION PLATE: Cast iron plate has integral strengthening ribs.

DISCHARGE PIPE: Steel, locked to suspension plate, held in bottom elbow by mating flange, forming bottom expansion joint.

TOP DISCHARGE ELBOW: Cast iron 45 degree elbow with integral 125# ASA standard discharge flange and top expansion joint ring.

IMPELLER: One-piece, bronze or cast iron, non-clog, balanced, keyed and locked to shaft.

SHAFT: Carbon steel, turned and ground, sized for maximum load.

SUSPENSION LEG: Cast iron sections with integrally cast end flanges.

GUIDE BEARINGS: Renewable bronze sleeve type intermediate bearings for each four feet of unsupported shaft length plus bottom guide bearing in pump casing.

CASING: Cast iron with smooth water passages.

LUBRICATION SYSTEM: Intermediate and bottom guide bearings are lubricated through flexible grease lines. Alemite fitting furnished above the suspension plate for each grease line.

BASINS AND PITS: Sewage basins of fiberglass or steel construction are available. Also, steel covers and grouting frames for concrete pits.

BOARD OF STANDARDS AND APPEALS LISTING: Federal VSA sewage pumps are listed and approved by the New York City Board of Standards and Appeals, Calendar No. 741-50-SA.


  • Wet-Pit Installations
  • Pumps Suspend From Pit Or Basin Cover
  • Non-Clog Impellers
  • 1750 RPM 1150 RPM Operation
  • Steel Or Fiberglass basins
  • Steel Covers And Grouting Frames For Concrete Pits
  • Control Systems Available

Modifications List

DISCHARGE CONNECTION: Under-cover tee connections; special top discharge connections.

MATERIALS OF CONSTRUCTION: Bronze impeller; stainless steel shaft; all-bronze or all-iron pump; galvanized steel discharge pipe.

LUBRICATION SYSTEM: Solenoid operated water flush for guide bearings.

NON-STANDARD MOTORS: Totally enclosed or explosion-proof housings; special electrical ratings; other modifications.