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Cast iron pump casing has a smooth waterway to insure maximum efficiency when handling drainage water. Cast iron legs elevate the pump to permit flow into the impeller.

Rabbeted construction insures complete alignment of the rotating element.

The bronze impeller is of the semi-open design and balanced prior to assembly. The vertical discharge flange and gasket permit easy installation of plain-end discharge pipe.

Motors are available for 1750 RPM and 1150 RPM operation with both single phase and three phase windings. All motors are fully submersible and have pre-lubricated ball bearings, stainless steel shaft and fasteners.

Special motors with U.L. listing for Class 1, Group D explosion-proof service can be furnished, if required.

Motors are rated for continuous duty submerged. Motor housing and bottom motor bracket are cast iron. Double seals provide protection for the electrical parts. If the outer seal fails, the inner seal protects the motor while water enters the oil-filled seal chamber. Motors are furnished with 25-ft. of power cable and ground wire.

The standard motors are rated for operation in 40°C (104°F) water, but can be modified for higher ambient temperatures.

Motors can be furnished with moisture detection electrodes for the seal chamber and thermal detectors for the windings, if required.

The recommended control arrangement for VSS pumps is the Submers-a-bulb Controller (see Type SBS Bulletin 263), which includes on-off mercury bulbs, high water alarm and automatic alternator for duplex units. Float switch controls are also available.

VSS pumps can be furnished with steel or fiberglass basins, or with steel covers and grouting frames for concrete pits.


  • Motors are fully submersible
  • Semi-open bronze impeller
  • Close-coupled design for perfect alignment
  • Indoor and outdoor installations
  • Easy installation and removal
  • For effluent, and industrial waste water
  • Control systems available
  • Receiving tanks available