Motor controls, 1 to 100 HP, simplex, duplex, triplex, quadruplex, magnetic starters, disconnect switches
Flex connectors 3/4" thru 6" dia. and 12" thru 36" long. Vibration rails for all products. Cork mats 2" thick for 7000 lbs/sq ft.
Single float switches to operate individual pumps and alternating float switches for duplex applications.
Pit covers for fiberglass basins from 18" thru 84" in diameter. Pit covers with grouting frames for concrete pits 18" thru 84".
Single station and multi-station alarm panels for 1 thru 12 alarm conditions. Avialable in NEMA-1 and NEMA-4 enclosures.
Capacities from 19 thru 528 gallon with maximum working pressures of 100 thru 250 PSI. ASME rated available.